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For Physicians and Clinics

FreedomFlow treats complex PAD hip to heel

The freedom to treat complex PAD hip to heel

Unprecedented flexibility in a single, streamlined device

FreedomFlow’s unique mechanism of action, adjustable speed, and ease of use provides greater versatility and efficiency in treating multiple arteries, lesions, and vessel diameters—all with a single device.

With two catheter sizes and two rotational speeds, a flexible driveshaft, and diamond-coated tip, the FreedomFlow platform gives physicians the freedom to help patients in new ways—even treating multiple blockages in the same vessel with the same device, from the common femoral to the distal tibial arteries.

FreedomFlow Brochure

Instructions for Use (IFU)

FreedomFlow 5 Fr and 6 Fr driveshafts

The electric motor also provides smooth acceleration and enhances the physician’s tactile feel for predictable plaque modification.

In short, FreedomFlow is a simple yet effective platform that provides physicians and their patients with better treatment options.

SFA Angiography

FreedomFlow SFA Angiography, final


FreedomFlow SFA Angiography, baseline


FreedomFlow catheter closeup

Two rotational speeds

FreedomFlow catheter with driveshaft

Flexible driveshaft

FreedomFlow distal tip

Diamond-coated tip

Freedom and flow for physicians and clinics

Time savings and cost efficiencies in a simple yet effective platform

FreedomFlow’s modern, streamlined  platform offers time savings and cost efficiencies—with no capital equipment, no lubricant, and reduced inventory needs. It also provides faster procedural run times, consistent treatment outcomes, and a nearly flat learning curve for physicians.

With two basic catheter SKUs and a simple set-up with saline—together with the flexibility to treat a range of vessel sizes—FreedomFlow offers compelling productivity, consistent and predictable plaque modification or removal, and enhanced patient safety for today’s hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based labs.

FreedomFlow in surgical scene
FreedomFlow is single-use disposable icon

Single-use disposable

FreedomFlow does not require capital equipment icon

No capital equipment

FreedomFlow does not require lubricant icon

No lubricant

FreedomFlow reduces inventory icon

Reduced inventory

CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
INDICATIONS FOR USE: The Cardio Flow FreedomFlow® Orbital Atherectomy Peripheral Platform is indicated for use as therapy in patients with occlusive atherosclerotic disease in peripheral arteries. The therapy is intended for patients who are acceptable candidates for percutaneous transluminal atherectomy.

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