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A modern mechanism of action in a dynamic new PAD platform

FreedomFlow by Cardio Flow logo
FreedomFlow catheter with driveshaft
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FreedomFlow driveshaft

FreedomFlow is a modern atherectomy platform that provides physicians with a highly efficient, effective, and flexible way to treat complex PAD in a wide range of vessel diameters—from 2 mm in the ankle to 8 mm in the hip.

FreedomFlow is easy to operate, optimizes workflow, and minimizes capital cost and inventory, making it the ideal choice for today’s hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based labs.

Helical pattern of diamond-coated spheres eases through complex lesions

FreedomFlow’s unique spiral geometry leverages the physics of angular momentum, a rotational vortex that puts five diamond-coated spheres in constant contact with the vessel wall, no matter if advancing or retracting.

Vessel Range & Rotational Speeds

FreedomFlow 5 Fr icon

5 Fr catheter is approximately 1.5 mm (0.062″) in diameter and treats vessels 2 mm – 4 mm

FreedomFlow 6 Fr icon

6 Fr catheter is approximately 2.0 mm (0.082″) in diameter and treats vessels 4 mm – 8 mm

Two rotational speeds make it possible to treat complex PAD lesions at lower speeds, and a diamond-coated tip eases the driveshaft through tight blockages.

FreedomFlow has two rotational speeds (50K and 76K RPM)
FreedomFlow 5 Fr, 5 sphere driveshaft

Unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in a single, streamlined device

FreedomFlow’s unique mechanism of action, adjustable speed, and ease of use provides greater versatility in treating multiple arteries, lesions, and vessel diameters, all with a single device—even the ability to treat multiple blockages in the same vessel with the same device.

The platform’s simplicity means time savings and cost efficiencies, with no capital costs, faster run times, and a nearly flat learning curve for physicians—key benefits for physicians and their patients in the effort to reduce PAD-related amputations.

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