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Michael J. Kallok, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors

Michael J. Kallok, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors

Prior to joining Cardio Flow, Dr. Kallok served as Chief Technology Officer of Phraxis, a medical device company developing a unique shunt for vascular access to hemodialysis. He also served as Chief Scientific Officer (2007-09) and CEO (2009-12) there.

Dr. Kallok also served as CEO from 2002-07 at Cardiovascular Systems Inc. (CIS), now Abbott, taking the company from startup status to a market cap of $300 million, and served as director there from 2002-2009.

Dr. Kallok has also held positions at Medtronic, Angeion, Myocor, and Boston Scientific, and is founder and president of his own consulting business, Medical Device Consulting, Inc. He holds more than 17 U.S. patents, and has published more than 90 manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters.

At Medtronic, he received the company’s highest technical and management awards—the Bakken Fellowship and the Wallin Leadership Award.

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