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Gary M. Petrucci, Chairman and Founder

Gary M. Petrucci

Chairman and Founder

Gary Petrucci was formerly Senior Vice President of Investments at RBC Wealth Management until his retirement in 2020. He began his career as an investment executive at Piper Jaffray and served on the Piper Jaffray board of directors from 1981-95; he became senior Vice President of Investments at UBS Financial Services after it acquired Piper Jaffray in 1997. Mr. Petrucci earned Piper Jaffray’s Fred Sirianni Award honoring the top-producing investment executive thirteen times, and the award was renamed in his honor.

A graduate of St. Cloud University with a degree in finance and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Petrucci was a co-founder of Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (now Abbott), and served on its board from 2001-07. He recently founded and is President and CEO of Breathe Restore, a company focused on using powdered amniotic fluid to treat respiratory conditions.

Mr. Petrucci currently serves on the Animal Cell Technologies Board and the Dr. Catalona Prostate Cancer Board. He has also served on the boards of the St. Cloud University Foundation, the National Urology Board, America’s Neck and Back Clinics, Reliant Technologies, the Arboretum Foundation, and Stemedica Cell Therapies.

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