What makes Cardio Flow’s FreedomFlow™ system unique?

Cardio Flow’s FreedomFlow Orbital Atherectomy System includes a number of important innovations that give physicians the ability to modify or remove all types of plaque—including calcified and fibrotic plaque—in a wide range of vessel sizes.

Multiple diamond-coated spheres for effective treatment of difficult-to-remove plaque

Cardio Flow’s FreedomFlow technology features five diamond-coated abrasive spheres mounted eccentrically (off center) on the driveshaft. When rotated at high speed, these spheres move outwards due to centrifugal force, providing multiple, simultaneous contact with the vessel wall. This may provide greater efficiency in removing both fibrotic and calcified plaque as well as reduce procedural run times, which can enhance patient safety.

Since plaque removal is often followed by balloon angioplasty to compress residual plaque against the vessel wall, FreedomFlow’s abrasive spheres may also prove effective in creating micro-cracks in difficult-to-remove calcified plaque. This enables physicians to use lower-pressure balloons—improving patient safety and the effectiveness of the treatment.

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FreedomFlow’s eccentrically mounted abrasive spheres

Dynamic rotational design enables treatment in arteries up to 8 mm

The spiral pattern created by Cardio Flow’s rotating spheres also further maximizes the dynamic motion of the outward force, which means that the FreedomFlow system can potentially treat larger vessels—even up to 8mm in diameter. Most current devices can only treat vessels up to 5 mm in diameter.

The FreedomFlow driveshaft coil is wound so that it “opens up” during rotation, which when combined with the spheres’ counter-clockwise orbit, further forces the abrasive elements in an outward direction. This outward force is greater and more predictable than competitive technology and therefore can remove plaque particles at a more efficient rate.

FreedomFlow can thus achieve a larger orbit at lower speeds—about 80,000 RPM—which is also safer for the patient.

The abrasive spheres create a spiral pattern when rotated.

Innovative driveshaft tip reduces whipping and helps access blocked arteries

The Cardio Flow FreedomFlow device incorporates an innovative hypotube at the tip of the driveshaft, which functions as a stability feature to control tip whipping, which is a concern with other high-speed orbital atherectomy devices.

This hypotube is also covered in a diamond coating to help ease the tip into tight blockages, improving access into areas that are even smaller than the sphere diameter.

Distal tip hypotube

Eliminating oil-based lubricants improves patient safety and reduces cost

Cardio Flow’s innovative driveshaft design, along with lower rotational speeds, enables FreedomFlow to function with standard saline solution rather than the oil-based lubricants required by other commercially available rotational and orbital technologies. This helps to reduce operational costs and patient exposure to foreign materials.

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