An early-stage development company with a new approach to orbital atherectomy

Cardio Flow is developing the first atherectomy device for removing or modifying all types of plaque—including calcified and fibrotic plaque—in a wide range of vessel diameters.

Meeting a critical clinical need

Atherosclerosis is a highly common medical condition in which certain arteries are blocked by plaque, which restricts the vital flow of blood to a part of the body, usually in the heart, legs, and neck. Atherectomy devices are designed to remove this plaque—the device is inserted through the patient’s artery to cut away or abrade the blockage and restore blood flow.

Atherectomy devices currently on the market, however, are ineffective in treating blockages in large-diameter arteries, such as in the trunk, legs, and neck, due to various technological limitations. This is especially the case for calcified plaque, which is more difficult to remove than softer fibrotic plaques.

Cardio Flow’s FreedomFlow™ technology is the first atherectomy device to provide physicians with a comprehensive solution for removing or modifying all types of plaque in a wide range of vessel diameters.

Dr. Leonid Shturman and Cardio Flow’s intellectual property portfolio

Cardiologist Leonid Shturman invented orbital atherectomy, and this first-generation device is marketed by Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ CSII). Dr. Shturman developed the next generation orbital atherectomy technology before his death in 2009, and this new device—now Cardio Flow’s FreedomFlow™ System—has the potential to substantially improve and expand upon the capabilities of his original device.

Cardio Flow, Inc., founded in 2014, owns Dr. Shturman’s extensive intellectual property portfolio for this new technology, including 27 issued patents and 1 patent pending. Cardio Flow is now working to bring this new and potentially disruptive technology to market.

A governing Board with extensive experience in the atherectomy market

Cardio Flow’s six-member Board of Directors has extensive experience in developing and bringing new medical technologies to market, including atherectomy devices. This group includes investment executive Gary Petrucci, who founded the company that has become Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), and Dr. Michael Kallok, who was CEO of CSI until 2007 and who took the company from start-up status to a market cap of $300 million.